Rental Policies

1. We do not offer any delivery services or curbside drop-off / pickup. No exceptions.

2. Invoices need to be paid before items will be released.

3. A certificate of insurance must be presented for all furniture rentals.

4. Items must be returned within one week of pick up date.

5. Late charges will accrue at 10% per day thereafter.  Late fees for surfaces accrue at 20% per day.

6. Renter assumes full responsibility for lost or damaged goods including those while in transit and must pay for the repairs or the replacement value as assessed by L&F.  Renter does NOT have the option to keep broken / damaged items as part of the fee.  These terms are non-negotiable. 

7. Replacement / repair fees must be paid within one week of assessment or late fees will accrue.

8. Soiled merchandise will be cleaned and billed to renter.

9. Items that are cancelled after being confirmed are subject to a restocking fee (35% for furniture and 50% for surfaces and all other items).  Orders that have left the premises will not be refunded.

10. L&F has two locations.  Props must be returned to the same location they were picked up from.  Renter will be responsible for transport or charged an additional courier fee when items are not returned to their correct location.

11. Moving blankets must be returned. Unreturned moving blankets will be charged at $35/blanket.

12. Renter shall fully defend, indemnify and hold harmless L&F from any and all claims and lawsuits.

13. The rental of any items from L&F and Surface Archive constitutes acceptance of the above policies.


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